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Green Super Yachts are committed to deliver ECO-Friendly cleaning technology solutions to the day to day operations of a super yacht using JUST TAP WATER.

Green Super Yachts and EV Super Yachts are exclusive distributors to the yachting industry for the innovative EV3000i Steam Cleaning Machine.

Our mission is to eliminate all types of chemical usage commonly found in generic cleaning products.

With our patented technology, we're actually able to consume 90% less water than other steamers, making us not only cleaner, but also more efficient.

The EV3000i is a true all rounder cleaning solution using high temperature steam, driven by 7 BAR of pressure at 170c dry steam.

With no redundancy the machine can easily be used up to 8 hours NON STOP with just a re-fill. No wait-time. 

It's so user-friendly, the machine can be used by all the crew and in all areas of the yacht.

We GUARANTEE less effort for your crew with day to day operations of yacht maintenance and cleaning with results delivered impeccably.

Manufactured in Italy.

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